2017 Year in Review 01:31

Can’t believe it’s that time of year again. Every December, I go back and revisit some of my favorite shoots and photographs over the year. 2017 seemed like such a blur to me, more so than usual, so it was nice to take some time and review the year. Going back through this years photos, it reminded me how of lucky I am to be able to do this full time. I am truly grateful for every opportunity I had this year and I’m grateful for all the new people I was able to meet and work with. With that being said, I’d like to start off this years review with my shoot with Linkin Park.

In a former life, I used to work as a recording engineer at  NRG Recording Studios in North Hollywood. It was there that Linkin Park recorded many of their albums including their debut, Hybrid Theory. That was a bit before my time but I was fortunate to have worked on several Linkin Park albums over the years, so it saddened me quite a bit when I learned about Chester’s passing. It was several years since I last seen Chester or the band so when I got the email about the gig for iHeartRadio, I jumped at it. Outside of the studio, I had never seen LP perform, so I was stoked to be able to not only shoot portraits and BTS for the band, I got to shoot a very intimate performance. The band’s performance was great and they truly looked like they were having a fun time playing. What really touched me was their love and gratitude that they have for their fans. After the performance, Chester and Mike stood at the front and signed as many autographs as they could until they had to close the theater. In the few years that I’ve been shooting for iHeart, I had never seen anything like that. 

RIP Chester. You will be missed.