On Air...

I recently had the great pleasure of shooting one of my most favorite bands, The Vitals, performing live in my favorite recording studio, NRG Recording Studios. NRG recently started a new monthly video series called ‘On Air With NRG’ which features live performances and interviews with emerging artists. When I got the call that The Vitals were going to up next, I was super stoked to come in and document the day as there’s a lot of history between me, NRG Recording, and The Vitals. Long story short, I worked at NRG for a good chunk of my life, it was there that I fell in love with taking photos, and it was there that I first met and fell in love with The Vitals. The band has been in the process of finishing up their new album and preparing to start playing the new stuff live, so they were in excellent form. 

The band played 3 new songs + their version of Duran Duran’s ‘Come Undone’ (I took photographed the single artwork!). On the very first song, "Purple", I was in the control room during one particularly amazing take, and both the engineer, Danny Pampuri, and myself were comparing goosebumps. Actually, I believe that the performance in the video is that take!

Check out the video for and come out on Halloween to see The Vitals play live at The Satellite for their 6 year anniversary of their first show! Here’s the link for tickets!