How to Make a Wood Box Look Cool

I was recently hired to shoot an ad for the drum company, Remo, featuring Dylan Howard of The Vitals. Dylan recently started playing with the band Dorothy and was using a new cajón from Remo for a bunch of acoustic and television performances. While I’m pretty confident I can make a drummer look good playing a kit, it’s an entirely different challenge to make a drummer look cool playing what is essentially a wood box. Dylan has a distinct and cool look, so that made things a bit easier. For me, it was going to be all about the location that was going to make this shoot right. A studio shot was going to be too sterile and boring so I wanted to take Dylan and his box out into the wild. To me, when I think of the cajón, I think street musician, so it felt right to take it to the streets. There is a bitching abandoned store front near my house that I had my eye on and it felt right for this shoot. Since I wanted to make sure Remo had options, we found a couple other locations that worked out, but I knew that this location was the one. 

Be sure to check out both of Dylan’s bands:

The Vitals